The new dimension of Aviation Management

The new dimension of Aviation Management

With AviMan you benefit from a holistic solution for your aviation business. The software solution for intelligent aviation management is tailored to the specific processes of flight operations, maintenance, training or certification as well as quality and safety management.

With AviMan you benefit from a holistic solution for your aviation business. The software solution for intelligent aviation management is tailored to the specific processes of flight operations, maintenance, training or certification as well as quality and safety management.

Integrated solutions for efficient flight operations

Everything in a single software.

Flight Operations, Organization and Commerce

Flight planning and crew management has never been easier. Create flight plans, plan routes, assign aircrafts to the appropriate flights and coordinate personnel. Even logbooks are easily managed digitally in the software and filed in an audit-proof manner. Even the sales process of your aircraft and related equipment is streamlined by the software.

Quality and safety management

Improve continuously by documenting and assessing risks as well as safety events and derive the appropriate actions. Processes, guidelines, and standards can be captured in the software and their compliance monitored. Comprehensive reports provide an overview at any time and are the basis for your next audit.

Maintenance Management

Manage your fleet, inventory as well as maintenance. Automated reminders alert you promptly to upcoming maintenances and prepare you for all inspections. The maintenance process is also documented in a process-compliant and fully trackable manner.

Trainings and certifications

Recording and verifying all training is essential to ensuring high levels of quality and safety in the aviation industry. Schedule training, monitor training progress and upload credentials and certificates. All clearly logged and in compliance with regulations.


We solve problems instead of creating them!

Tired of data in different programs?

There are many isolated applications, each covering only a small area. You quickly lose the overview and often invest more time in data management than in the actual business.

Everything you need on a single interface

AviMan covers the entire workflow and summarizes the most important data in reports so that they are always at hand. This allows you to control all areas of your business flexibly and quickly.

Increasing administrative workload and not enough time for your core tasks?

You have better things to do than spend hours documenting processes and overcoming bureaucratic hurdles.

More focus on the important tasks again

We help you to design your processes efficiently, reduce the effort through automation and log every step in the background so that everything is 100% trackable.

Your current software is rigid and can't keep up with stricter regulations?

This is not only affecting day-to-day operations and safety on board but also the information security of your business.

Respond flexibly to changes and new regulations

With AviMan you don’t have to worry about changing regulations, because as an ISO-certified company VITAVO GmbH ensures tested quality and information security according to standards EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001.

With AviMan, all information and workflows are united on a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly into the existing aviation-specific system landscape, thus simplifying efficient operations and compliance with quality and safety regulations. With the all-in-one solution, you maintain an overview and act in a data-driven manner.

Hand mit Stern

All-in-one solution for optimized, compliant processes in aviation.


Automation and data networking for flexible scalability.

Stift und Papier

Data transparency and audit-proof logging for complete compliance.


Maximum security for flight operations and sensitive company data.

You are not on your own!

We accompany you before, during and after the implementation of the software with our individual set-up process:

  • Migration of your existing data

  • Optimization of your processes

  • Comprehensive support

  • Training for you and your team

About us

Success through innovation

VITAVO is a consulting firm in the field of digitalization and marketing and offers a wide range of services – from software solutions for efficient business processes to the implementation of websites and marketing campaigns.

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Digitalization with VITAVO

  • Increased efficiency
  • Security for data and conformity

  • Interfaces to external systems

  • Data analysis and interconnection

  • Scalability and mobility

The Best Strategy: CARE

To make our service as efficient as possible, we rely on innovative ideas, dynamic processes, and the pursuit of promising visions. With our comprehensive know-how in digitalization and marketing, we are already shaping the world of tomorrow.

Digitize your workflows with the products of the ISO-certified company VITAVO GmbH

Awarded the EN ISO 9001 certificate for quality management systems as well as the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for information security management systems, VITAVO stands for consistently high quality as well as the highest level of information security and confidentiality.

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